19 Kas 2012

All Blogs Post the Same Stuff

Recyle ede, ede blog yazıyoruz. American Apparel bununla ilgili T-shirt yapıyor, Man Repeller de giyiyor.


Bir Carles* şiiri:

Blogs have let us down
I miss the golden age of the blogosphere
pre-content farm
pre-manufactured buzz

Before the corrupt indie machine had control of the indiesphere
Before the corrupt meme machine had control of 'what goes viral'
Before the mnstrm media became the blogosphere
Before the blogosphere became the mnstrm media
Before the _______sphere ate its own tail

All Blogs Post the same goddamn stuff
No reward for original content
'original content' is a meme gallery
It's all the same.

All Blogs Just Post the Same Stuff.
I h8 the blogosphere.
I h8 the farmosphere
I h8 what I have become.
I h8 what I have been forced to become to FEED MY FAMILY.

I am just a coward
Lost on the internet
Just another page for people to strategically accidentally find [via SEO]

I did not sign up to play this game.

Social Media Sharing.
Lamestreamers sharing lists.
'trying 2 hard' think pieces that no1 reads anyways

Is this the media utopia that we always wanted?

The Lonely Content Farmer
Can a Farmer Change the world?
Who is being honest with you?
Are you 'just another internet user'?
Did the internet used to mean more [via dilution] or has it always been the same?

The Blogosphere is Boring
All Blogs Just Post The Same Stuff.

*Hipster Runoff şu hayatta en çok sevdiğim blog'lardan biri. Carles'ın yazdığı her şey beni delicesine eğlendiriyor. HRO forever!

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